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A partnership of experts

Combining the expertise of apetito and Wiltshire Farm Foods

When you choose Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional, you are benefiting from a partnership that brings together the combined expertise of apetito, with over 30 years of experience in serving care homes and hospitals, and the local delivery network and good old-fashioned service that Wiltshire Farm Foods is renowned for. 

Delivery driver Delivery driver

Local Delivery Network and Service Excellence 

Wiltshire Farm Foods is synonymous with reliable, local service and the personal touch. Our local delivery teams are deeply embedded in communities across the UK. They understand the importance of reliability, and going the extra mile to ensure that your residents or patients receive their meals promptly and with a smile. 

Our good old-fashioned commitment to service excellence means that you can count on us to be there for you, whether it's answering your questions, choosing the right meals for different dietary requirements, or resolving any concerns promptly and efficiently. 

Fantastic quality, fantastic value 

By partnering with Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional, you're not only getting access to high-quality meals, award-winning specialist diets and local service, but you’ll also be receiving an automatic 5% discount on our Wiltshire Farm Foods retail prices on every order.  

We can help you make a real difference to the nutrition, health and wellbeing of those in your care and all with fantastic value for your business.  

Care home residents eating Care home residents eating