Meal Portion Sizes

We cater for every appetite, which is why our meals come in three different sizes.

Perfect portions for every appetite

Whatever the appetite size, we have you covered. We have created a range of portion sizes to allow you provide for your residents and patients, no matter the size of their appetite.

The information below will allow you to get an idea of the size of our different portions.

Find out what portion size is right for you…

Hearty Meals

Larger portions for those with a bigger appetite.


Main Meals

Perfect for every day, these meals suit the average appetite.


Mini Meals

The same as our award-winning meals, but smaller; perfect for those with a smaller appetite or who just want a light bite.

Mini Meals Extra

This innovative range is made up of small meals in a manageable portion size, whilst still giving at least 20g of protein and containing 501-532 calories per dish.